Welcome to our photo-order site. These photos below are taken by The Advance staff members as well as photographers who contract with us, and may be ordered for your enjoyment. Just scroll down past the slideshow and find the galleries where we invite you to take time to browse through the many options from photos of all sizes to mugs, buttons, playing cards - even aprons, ceramic tile mosaics and much more. You can crop the photos to your liking. If a photo doesn't work in an 8x10, for example, try an 8x12. Or if your crop is a square, there are many square options. The options of finishes, sizes and items is beyond anything we have ever been able to offer. Please note they are all copyrighted by River Raisin Publications, Inc., and The Advance, which means they cannot be reproduced without The Advance's permission. Please do not scan in for use on any social media site or anywhere on the Internet. All rights reserved, River Raisin Publications, Inc.


WHS Varsity Football Team Photo